Starbreeze: Darkness 2 studio switch ‘wasn’t our decision’

By on May 16, 2011

As most of you, when The Darkness 2 was announced we were quite shocked with the switch of the development team. Although Digital Extremes is talented, we really wanted Starbreeze to be behind the game’s wheel. So why didn’t Starbreeze work on its sequel? The answer is simple. Speaking for the first time about this sequel, Starbreeze told CVG that it was not their decision not to work on The Darkness 2.

Starbreeze’s new CEO Mikael Nermark said:

The decision was not up to Starbreeze, and when it was decided to do a sequel we had already started working on a new project.

On the other hand, Digital Extremes is well known for their FPS’. After all, the company has worked to both Bioshock and Unreal Tournament. Therefore it will be interesting to see what the team will manage to achieve for this much-anticipated title.

Darkness 2 is scheduled for release this year on PC, X360 and PS3.

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