A Valley Without Wind: Multiplayer, The World Map, Regions, and Windstorms

By on February 28, 2011

Arcen Games continues its weekly report on its procedurally-generated action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind with new reveals and information on the game’s multiplayer, server support, world map, regions, windstorms and more. Pre-alpha gameplay footage after the jump!

That’s right, multiplayer is coming to AVWW through the support of servers. The plan is for mainly co-op play, but there’s room for PvP content if the server administrator wants to allow it. Hosts will be able to launch the game server on any computer, and then other players can connect to it (including the computer running the server, if you wish). At the moment there’s no explicit limits on the number of players per server, but a game should be able to run smoothly with up to 16 players depending on the players’ and admin’s hardware and connections.

Also introduced this week is the World Map. Each tile on the map represents a “region” consisting of one big outdoors area with a variety of buildings, caves, tunnels, and so on leading down into the earth or up into the sky. Windstorm events occur occasionally as players make their way across the map, sweeping them into the region they’re standing on, and forcing them to deal with inclement weather and more, stronger monsters than typically dealt with until all characters have escaped from that region. This results in adding more risk to traveling and exploring, particularly in parts of the world map with higher levels.

New region development is on display as well. Currently seven different regions have been created and there will be many, many types in the game as it moves toward version 1.0, with hopes of having around 20+ in place by the start of alpha.

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