A Valley Without Wind Update #10: Overworld Maps, Soft Focus, and NPCs

By on May 3, 2011

Arcen Games shared some interesting informations about their procedurally-generated survival action-adventure title A Valley Without Wind. According to a press release we got, many new developments have taken place since last time, highlighted by the addition of the new Soft Focus visual style, revamped Overworld sections, and tons of progress on Crafting, NPCs, Settlements and various other areas in the game.

Arcen Games has now a map editor with a variety of functionality for drawing, filling, and smoothing that allows us to create a large number of heavily randomized maps and variants for players to explore. All Overworld chunks are now 256×256 in size; many of them were previously 128×128, which makes for a fourfold increase in size. To give a visual comparison, each tile on the world map is equal to around two-thirds the size of the the entire world map of the original Legend of Zelda.

To fill these large and numerous maps, a lot of progress has been made on crafting, NPCs, settlements, and other meaningful areas. Visually, they’ve added and improved several areas including new objects, spell/environment effects, and more. They’ve also introduced a new and improved visual style around the entire game that makes colors more saturated and dramatic, as well as ties all the elements together.

A Valley Without Wind is currently targeted for official release on PC and Mac in October 2011, with a playable Beta build available to customers who pre-order coming this summer.

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