New Victini Poke’mon Instantly Available to Pokemon Black & White Preorders

By on February 3, 2011

I Wonder What Sound This Guy Makes!

New Victini Pokemon

New Victini Pokemon

So it’s official that the never before seen Pokemon Victini will be available for “capture” (sounds funny doesn’t it) for Preorder customer of the new Pokemon Black & Pokemon White.

Question is. who is this Victini?!  AKA the Victory Pokémon – is the first Pokémon that’s Psychic- and Fire-type and cannot be obtained through normal game play. It is said that Victini creates an unlimited supply of energy, which it shares with others. This energy source may be the secret to how it brings about victories. Victini’s unique and exclusive Victory Star ability not only increases its own accuracy in battle, but also boosts the accuracy of all a player’s Pokémon in battle. Victini is a must-have in any Pokémon battle, and is especially useful in Triple Battles, which debut in Pokémon Black Version and Pokémon White Version.

I guess Nintendo is giving you a free pass “to victory” if they snag your early game dollars! Seems kinda unfair to me.

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