Xigmatek’s Xtreme FX 2 Mod for Crysis is simply unbelievable

By on February 23, 2011

Crysis 2 is almost upon us and Xigmatek decided to release the latest version of his particles mod for Crysis 1. The mod is called Xtreme FX 2 and is simply incredible. Unrealistic and overdone? Yes, indeed. But holy shit… it is so beautiful. We were impressed with YodaStar’s ‘FXMod’ for Crysis but Xigmatek surpassed him. And as Xigmatek put it, Crysis will not give in to Crysis 2 that easy! At least not without a bang. And damn what a bang this is. We can only imagine what modders like Xigmatek will do with Crysis 2. Crytek will be foolish if they don’t include the CryEngine 3 SDK in Crysis 2 PC version. Xzero, Silent, Xigmatek, YodaStar and CyberAlien are so talented and will offer us some amazing mods. So please Crytek, don’t turn your back on your fan base. Videos and download link after the jump!

Xigmatek Xtreme FX 2 Mod

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