Crysis 2 leaked for PS3 and X360 almost a week before release

By on March 18, 2011

In case you didn’t know, most of consoles games get leaked before they even get released. It is a trend we see these past years with X360 and now that PS3 was jailbreaked, we might be witnessing the same thing with Sony’s console. The next ‘victim’ of this leak is Crytek’s much anticipated first person shooter, Crysis 2.

Crysis 2 for X360 and PS3 is already leaked to various torrent sites, almost a week before release; or to be more precise, 3-4 days before release. Still, the PC version wasn’t leaked so we wonder if Crytek will blame this time the console’s piracy. Or is it better to keep blaming the PC that is full of pirates, even for the PS3/X360 leak? Oh and an official press release from EA would be ideal, given the fact that they blamed the PC piracy for the beta leak!

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