How Crytek doomed Crysis 2’s PC version

By on March 22, 2011
How Crytek doomed Crysis 2’s PC version


Today is the big day for Crytek, as Crysis 2 is being released. PC gamers around the world have been waiting patiently for this moment but there is something just not right. Forget the beta and the demo that had major ‘consolified’ features. Let’s concentrate on the final PC version that is released and see how Crytek have literally doomed the PC version of Crysis 2.

For starters, the game doesn’t support DX11. Although Crytek stated that they will address that via a patch, this is not what you, me and every PC gamer out there want to. PC gamers don’t want gimmick DX11 effects. As the game is not developed with the DX11 in mind, we won’t get the tessellation results of (let’s say) the Unigine ‘Heaven’ Benchmark. We are certain that when the DX11 patch gets released, Crytek will be stating how gritty those PC gamers are for pirating their game and how disappointed they are as they did what PC gamers asked for. This is not true however.

As Crytek stated in the past, the PC version development would not be hurt by the console versions. Then how come there isn’t already the DX11 path? How come there isn’t a 64bit executable file? How come there is still the ‘press start button’ (in order to fix it, you’ll have to update the game with the day-0 patch)? How come there are still issues with those that have 5.1/7.1 sound systems and are forced to select 2.1 from their soundcard’s control panel? And for the love of God, how come there aren’t any advanced settings as we are talking about a PC game?



These issues would have been addressed, if there was a proper beta test for the PC version. And that’s the whole purpose of a beta test my dear Crytek. It is not about hyping your game to attract more gamers as you did with the exclusive X360 test. The fact that the ‘press start button’ issue is not fixed in the final version and needs a patch means that the game went Gold when the PC demo got released. Plain and simple. That’s why Nathan Camarillo stated, regarding the advanced settings, that “they’ll look at whether that’s a possibility”. Because the game has already went Gold. Or in other words… it was a statement to handle damage control.

To add more salt to PC gamers wounds, Crytek didn’t include any modding tools or an editor to the PC version of Crysis 2. This basically means that Crytek is turning their back to their big modding community. Crytek stated that they’d release a CryEngine 3 SDK in summer but here is the tricky part. There isn’t any mention about a ‘modders version’ of the editor for Crysis 2 yet. In other words, it will be similar to UDK and will be best suited for indie teams, not modders of Crysis 2. But even if there is a ‘modders version’, the first mods will surface around October at best… and by that time we’ll be enjoying games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Batman: Arkham City and both Battlefield 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which will be friendly to the mod community) will be around the corner.

At this point, I really need to mention some Crysis modders that offered us some amazing mods. Just to let you know what you’ll be missing. Xzero offered us some incredible mods and one of them was the POM with AF mod. Although Crytek stated that it was an engine limitation (the incompatibility of POM with AF), Xzero managed to find a work around. And we were really disappointed with the absence of POM in Crysis 2. Yeap, you read it right. Crysis 2 doesn’t support POM. YodaStar and Xigmatek offered us some amazing particles effects that put to shame the ones found in Crysis 2. CyberAlien’s Extreme Quality Mod is mind-blowing and let’s not forget Silent’s high-resolution textures.

All in all, the PC version of Crysis 2 is a console port and nothing more. We haven’t discussed the gameplay as we wanted to focus on specific PC features that are present in Crysis 1 and everyone would expect them to be still present. After all, this is not a review of the game. It is also funny witnessing Crytek’s employees wondering why PC gamers need ‘Advanced Settings’ when they can edit the cVar files to change whatever setting they want. How about it’s easier to find out what settings can impact the framerate with the in-game advanced settings?

We are pretty sure that Crytek will be blaming PC piracy if the PC version sales don’t meet their expectations. Instead of the PC piracy however, Crytek should blame themselves for letting down their PC fanbase and offering them a simple console port that lacks features that made Crysis what it is today. Maximum disappointment!

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  • Gagdet

    LOOOOOOOL denial PC cock.

    • Chris Wood

      consoletards.. -_-

    • MaelstromB

      He’s just jealous he had to wait 5 years to even play a Crysis game b/c he couldn’t comprehend the complexity of a solid gaming rig. Hah. Consolites are retarded.

      • Brosef

        Hey brad. Go drink some chocolate milk to cool off the excitement, before your brain explodes with the complex words you are spewing.

        • Kheb

          Poor console idiots, you don’t know anything about the history of gaming, the technology it is built on, are apparently oblivious to the fact that “next gen” (aka 5 gens ago) consoles have almost entirely stopped technological advancements in gaming (despite the ever continuing evolution of hardware on PCs) and yet here you stand, one idiotic comment after another. You get the shitty games you deserve. In 2005, before your beloved shitsoles came into existence, people would have laughed at and insulted a software house creating and hyping like crazy a game that looked worse than its 2001 counterparts. You idiots,instead, are all cheering like monkeys for a 2011 game that is simpler, noobier and that looks worse than a 2007 one. GG.

          • dark


          • Guest


          • BUDA20

            Agree +1

          • Nickso

            Great! at last one who says the truth.
            Consoles are no more for 2011 games and engines, right now its a mere divertimento to play soccer games with ur friends and nothing more.

  • Random

    Great article, it’s nothing more than the industry wanting to move to a more locked down system. They want to make money, console players don’t care or know any better, it’s quite sad they haven’t experienced what PC gaming was in hit’s glory days. I’ll just spend my money elsewhere.

  • Christopher Thornton

    consoles are a joke

    • Niggha, Mah

      Thou Mad.

      -Pc Gamer who doesn’t complain that people play a different platform

    • Spectro

      Consoles aren’t a joke, but they are ruining our games.

      • kebrus

        i wont say its the consoles, both the pc and the consoles have good exclusive experiences (even if they are doable on the pc), but it’s definitely the console driven mindset that are ruining our games, its a money race nowadays, publishers and a lot of devs don’t care about the games anymore, only about their success

        it’s really sad, the game plain simply got worse just to be able to run on consoles and thous generate more revenue… any true gamer would care about the games regardless on which platform it’s on and crysis 2 is in fact a joke, considering the first game…

      • Rock_n_Rolla

        @ Spectro, no offense nor flaming.

        Consoles are taking the beauty of the games in PC.

        • Guest

           This would make perfect sense if console games didn’t look and play like shit.

    • My name


  • The Gadgeteur

    Soooo disappointed that Crysis 2 turned into a POS console port. That’s ok, there are plenty of other much better games on the horizon. Hellooooo BC 3 :)

    • Bradleym719

      Everyone one says wait for battlefield 3. but when we get close to release, all we’ll hear about is they consolized the franchise and turned there back on the PC community. It will be the same thing.

  • kebrus

    i don’t think the disappointment ends here seriously…

    by chasing the console version the scenarios went back to the typical one way corridors we are used to see in consoles… one of the features i liked the most about crysis is how you could tackle the mission/map the way you wanted, even though some ways were easier, just by having the option to play the game the way you want increases the general experience A LOT, and lets not even talk about replayability…

    everyone loves to blame the pirates, do they really think doing this will give the pirates less reasons to pirate the game? pc gamers, be it pirates or not are generally not stupid to chew on everything you put in front of them, you either give them something good and get rewarded or you don’t and suffer the consequences, valve/steam learned this lesson, Epic games/Atari obviously didn’t with UT3, take a guess who is making a lot of success right now…

  • Jerpderp


    • Suprnovo


      Thanks for giving them reasons to do shitty games, you 13-year old idiot.

      • minime

        Yes, it’s better to give them 60bucks for a crap game.

        I know, why don’t you buy 10 copies then, you so mature one.

  • Passnot

    Well, I do think that development of DX9 vs DX11 is wholly different, especially if you plan on doing DX11 right. Which I suspect Crytek would do since they did state that because of expanding their demographic with consoles, they can afford to put more development into the PC version.

    And since it is faster to churn out a DX9 console version, it’s reasonable to assume they want to release that as soon as possible to make up their development cost. I don’t doubt Crytek has a DX11 beta build, but if they release screens of it, honestly, if you have a gaming PC and X360 or PS3, and saw the difference between DX9 and DX11, you would definitely wait for the PC version. And since the consoles have a bigger user base, then it makes sense to get the DX9 version out first. Then work on the DX11 for the PC enthusiasts. It does not make sense that Crytek would screw the platform that made them who they are.

    So along with longer development of DX11 and the larger user base of the consoles, it’s understandable why they need to patch Crysis 2 for DX11. Don’t judge Crytek til the patch comes out.

  • Yura Huchok


  • Noway

    there’s only 1 thing you can do about this whole console ports crap that’s been going on for far too long, and that is : Don’t buy those console ports!!!.

  • The Jews

    i dont understand how they could possibly think to alienate their entire original fanbase with a move like this… its not good for their profit OR the video gaming industry

    • YoungZer0

      It’s actually good for the profit. Fact: Console games sell better.

  • Firima

    Came for the legit gripes against Crytek for a clumsy PC release of Crysis 2,

    stayed for the comments from PC gamers showing why people don’t like PC gamers.

  • skud79

    Totally agree!!! Crytek has completely make a mess of the PC version. Of course, they will patch it with some DX11 effects but yeah that will be just that, GIMMICK!!! So definitely its not going to set the benchmark of PC gaming. Not this time around. Time to look somewhere else to justify upgrading to a DX11 card. Boooooooooo…

    • Qreed


      • Pablo221

        Go back to your console. You clearly don’t understand what it is to be a PC gamer. PCs have far greater procesing power and are capable of a lot more. Look at crysis 1. They should be looking to push the boundaries of the current technology available, (eg. DX11) instead they pander to the console gamers for sheer profit. Come back when you can grasp this simple premise

        • YoungZer0

          Well Big deal. When was the last time a PC Game really used all it’s capacity? Yeah, that was Crysis one. What did Crysis achieve, really? Nothing, it looks great. Big deal. Nothing else to see there. If this is what PC gaming is all about it should die, quickly.

          • Analdin

            And they also cost more. Think about that.

          • Lex

            Well, I point to the modding .. I am just fine with Crysis 2’s graphical ‘lackings’ the lack of modtools, however, that really gets to me.

          • iain burns

            You mouth-breathing console gamers can thank us PC gamers for Crysis 2. You’re only getting it because the first game was such a hit on the PC.

          • YoungZer0

            I actually bought all Crysis games on PC, thanks anyway, moron. The first game wasn’t a hit btw. It took a lot of time to make some money.

          • Anonymous

            Console games are more expensive because the developers are passing off the higher prices needed to purchasing console dev-kits, and licensing. Console developers do this so they can subsidize hardware costs so people actually buy their consoles.

        • Idealfreak

          the point of making games is for profit so if you don’t like it go elsewhere. No company is going to make a game and not expect anything out of it so be quiet.

    • Anonymous

      What DX11 effects? And no, tesselation is NOT a fucking effect that you just slap on. For the hundredth time, DirectX11 is NOT fucking magic graphic power pixie dust! You don’t just making DX11 compatible and *POOF* amazing.

      DX11 (and all DX revisions) are performance benchmarks. That’s it.

      • nobhead

        “DX are performance benchmarks”… never heard such a load of bollocks in my life.

        DirectX is a set of tools. Each newer revision gives the developer new, more powerful ways to produce the audio and graphical effects gamers always seem to want more of. Graphics cards that support these newer versions can execute this code, while older ones often can’t. Also, these cards have larger, faster, dedicated pipelines for this, often exponentially increasing their performance. Yes, newer versions ARE magic graphics power pixie dust – developers CAN just slap on new, more expensive but better looking shaders, however many of the more advanced features WOULD ideally be implemented during development.

  • Filip Lundgren

    urm, looking at the build numbers shown in the screenshots in this article I see that you’re running build 5620.

    Might want to review the retail game instead of the leak. :/

    • john2

      1) This is NOT a review
      2) It’s a screen from a previous article we had that we added. It’s better than having all the text without any kind of screenshot. Obviously we wanted to see if there would be anyone who’d say what you did because…
      3) …the first screenshot with the options is from retail, as the leak didn’t have ‘Extreme’ settings

      It’s good that you were one of the few that figured out from which version that screenshot was. No hard feelings, just stating why we deliberately included the screenshot from the leak ;)

    • john2

      1) This is NOT a review
      2) It’s a screen from a previous article we had that we added. It’s better than having all the text without any kind of screenshot. Obviously we wanted to see if there would be anyone who’d say what you did because…
      3) …the first screenshot with the options is from retail, as the leak didn’t have ‘Extreme’ settings

      It’s good that you were one of the few that figured out from which version that screenshot was. No hard feelings, just stating why we deliberately included the screenshot from the leak ;)

  • Cast0r

    Maximum disappointment!!!!

  • Apple

    I bought myself an Intel Xeon, 16GB of RAM with 2 HD6990 in CrossfireX mode hoping to play enjoy Crysis 2 with a far greater graphics than Crysis … but all I got was pure hope and delusion at the end of the day.

    • exenter

      Playing games with a CPU and RAM designed for servers? You do realize you will get worse performance than a mid range gaming rig?

  • dark

    pirate for me 2. crap game

  • Nookie420

    totally agree
    wasted my money trying to support a franchise i thought deserved it.

  • jason

    blaming them for creating a portable game engine and not supporting the fractional percent of the market that has a gaming rig better than console hardware; if its anyone’s fault its the millions of consumers that buy modern fps games for consoles instead of pcs (compare sales of any modern fps like every single call of duty made since cod4)

    • mikeczcom

      PC sales are bigger than people think. Yes, retail PC version sales are weak, but what about digital distribution like Steam? Nobody counts how many copies are sold through Steam…. and I believe it could be more than console version sales…

  • Pedrosuperfcp

    4 years waiting for the sequel and i get a console port. allready torrenting the thing. i was a day one buyer of crysis. totally disappointed with crytek. lets wait for DICEs BF3

    • Qreed

      how can u say that battlefield 3 will be perfect? it may be fake and gay and have som wrong menu and be fucked up game-play since u cant skip the first video intro. CRY ME A FUCKING RIVER

      • Quazatron

        I guess BF 3 will be far better than Crysis 2, sincerily. Crytek sold us all a fake story about Crysis 2. PC GAMERS cannot be silenced with a port version pretending to be a PC one! NEVER, EVER!! I guess that Crytek just sold their souls to the consoles market and this will have a bad consequence in the future. Crysis 2 could be an outstanding game, but it is not. Graphically it is worse than Crysis 1, which is not understandable!

        Next time Crytek announces a FPS for the PC, we all will require a lot of evidences about that! All i want now is to retrieve my game to Crytek and have my money back!!

  • Jokarus

    For all the people frustrated, be sure to select the right games.
    In other words, just choose games designed exclusively for PC.
    Arma 2 is one of them, for example.
    They wont’t fool us twice!

  • Pied

    I’m going to save money and simply refuse to buy ANY game that isn’t developed for the PC first. I’m old and cranky and have no patience for slogging through console-type menus to play. Oh how I long for the good old days of Quake GL….

  • Hi

    Do the dumb niggers constantly talking about every single fucking PC game being a console port ever shut the fuck up? Do you know what a console port is, dumb nigger? Do you? Apparently you don’t. You simpletons won’t be satisfied until developers completely stop making games for the PC. Crysis 2 is great. If you happen to be a dumb nigger who constantly complains about everything, maybe you should take up self mutilation as your hobby instead of playing video games.

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  • Mwallek

    After reading this, I will wait until I see the 19.99 price tag for crysis 2. Crysis 1 was marvelous, as was Warhead. I certianly won’t pay premium price for a step backward.

  • PCGamer

    Have a big ol’ cry… seriously.

  • Inconsole-able

    I hardly think the above criticisms amount to Crysis PC being “doomed”. Maybe you should wait until you see some reviews before turning the crank handle on the hate-machine? The game itself might be quite awesome once you get past the graphics options screen.

  • Jim

    Played a few hours of Crysis 2 so far and I would say it is pretty fun. The game looks amazing!

  • hades198

    i wonder if its worth using my bandwidth torrenting this?

    • Zero

      exactly my thoughts

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  • Rock_n_Rolla

    If Cervat Yerli would given a chance to post his opinion about this matter? This is what he’ll
    ” surely say…”So what now?.. I cant even count my money on my wallet, not to mention those millions coming in from my bank account, this is because to the decision i make that porting it
    to PC, from a Console would earn me a lot of money than supporting all the “MODDER humping PC community”. Besides, i got a fall back, the reason of piracy of course.. So
    Im more richer, i could buy a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport right now. Bad for the Pc gamers though”.

    Guess what Cevat Yerli, You just exposed how stupid your Crytek engine is and
    and you just wasted your time showing to the community in general the realism and the advanced capabilities of your Crytek engine.. only to find out Crysis 2 has no support for DX11, in addition
    based from what you did you’ll still have high hopes of success in the future for The Crysis 3?
    HAH! it will be a sucess,.. sucess for the piracy of Crysis 3!

    You know what Cevat?.. Every minute gone buy, most PC gamers are getting even with from what you did,. HOW?.. They are pirating your Crysis 2 from PC, in that way they are enjoying your game somehow, in return you’re not earning much from it. SHUB THAT POINT TO YOUR ASS!! Thats what you get when you mess with the PC gaming community.

    • YoungZer0

      Congrats, you’re a fucking idiot. If Crysis 2 doesn’t sell well enough on the PC, we won’t have another Crysis on the PC.

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  • Tadej

    I’m sorry that I bought it already

  • Joemamma

    Have some cheese with that whine

  • Woody_76


  • kush

    The author of this article does not make a compelling argument. I also find a number of half-finished thoughts and rambling..

    “Although Crytek stated that they will address that via a patch, this is not what you, me and every PC gamer out there want to.”

    Seriously– WTF are you saying? What kind of sentence is that?

    • YoungZer0

      Yeah, seriously. “Although Crytek has said they will fix the problem, we PC Gamers deserve better, because we are the super-race. We don’t want your patches.”

  • Anonymous

    I’d torrent but I wouldn’t want to waste my bandwidth on a shoddy port of a console game. Crytek claimed to support pc gamers but they fucked us over in favour of consoles like everyone else.

    • Ethical Pirate

      There’s always Bethesda. At least they still support the PC community, and don’t see that changing anytime soon. And I completely agree. Canceled my preorder after I played the demo, and not wasting my bandwidth d/ling. Think I’ll buy Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood instead. At least UbiSoft listened when they bit the hand that feeds them by dropping the always on DRM. And why the hell does AC:B, a port from consoles, have more options than the “developed for PC” version of Crysis 2? WTF?

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  • Chris Gregory

    At least we still have Dice, I used to be an avid hardcore gamer but I find it harder and harder to get interested in games these days with how little time I have. So little in fact that I won’t even bother to pirate Crysis 2, and what money I might’ve spent on it will go to Dice for Battlefield 3 (unless they somehow do something similar, which I find unlikely after reading up on BF3.)

    I buy few games these days, you know what other Game got my money recently? Starcraft 2, and for one and only one reason. Superb mapping/modding tools that they are still continuously developing. I breezed through the campaign in a few days, but I’ll be playing Use Map Settings maps for YEARS to come. Oh Crytek, how far you’ve fallen. I am disappointed in you.

  • bearly_ninja

    maximum drama it is, if you ask me.. the game is not even released yet but there are already expectations for possible developer pirate-blaming and possible boycott from the possible pc- version buyers.. come on! -_- the game will surely be patched/improved in the future, I don’t understand what the problem is. you can’t really expect any game to have all the features/options which you’ve dreamed of at 0-day.

    • Faptattack22

      No, but you can expect them to put a little effort into BASIC features, like graphics options. Or to not remove certain things from a previous version of the game. Better yet, we shouldn’t have to expect a patch to fix things when a game is released. If you don’t understand the problem then you either haven’t been gaming on the PC too long or you don’t do it too often.

      • Rally_Arsenal

        But what the hell?! The whole fucking communety is crying over DX11, and people ask for more graphic settings. Put it to max and fucking enjoy it, instead of asking for medum, low, shadows, bla bla settings. If you cry over DX11, which gives the game stronger graphics, then just boost it to extreme, and don’t ask for more graphic settings….. -.-

  • Edward G.

    Wait wait wait, “by that time we’ll be enjoying games like Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Batman: Arkham City and both Battlefield 3 and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (which will be friendly to the mod community)” are you implying that _any_ of those games are going to have mod tools?

    Maybe Skyrim, _maybe_, but BF3? Hah!

    • Skyrim

      TES V:Skyrim is confirmed to be released with mod tools for the PC. Bethesda isn’t going to abandon their mod community. Who else is going to fix their broken(but awesome) games?

  • UdMan

    Pathetic Crytek. I hope they wont get good sales on any platform. They well deserve to get slapped in the face! Giving us Ports eh? No thanks. They even ask 60 dollars for that piece of crap on PC? I dont know who to blame. EA? Most likely. Multiplayer demo was awful. Who the hell wants this tunnel go straightforward game? Not me!

    • YoungZer0

      Fucking idiot. If the game doesn’t sell they won’t get slapped, they get bankrupted.

      • Analdin

        And that s the definition of “slapped”, in that case.

  • Ypmud

    I’ve downloaded it and i can honestly say i am impressed (i am a hard core gamer i own well over 300 games on the pc) to be dead honest yeah i can see its a 360 port (but as lots of other people have said it will get a dx11 patch soon) im impressed they have fixed the issues with the cryengine as it used to be laggy and buggy as hell on my pc (quad core intel with 8gb ram gtx280 super clocked with 2.25tb disc space on a decent asus mobo) the new engine is smooth sweet and not buggy for that i am happy that they have release the port on the pc to start with i will be purchasing the game at the end of the month as i think its worthy of me parting with my hard earned cash. maybe the people slatting the game should look at how many issues there was in crysis 1 with the patches on there and realise that crytek have infact learnt from their mistakes and moved forward, i dont care much for the advanced gfx settings as lets put it this way if the game does auto detect and says it recommends this setting then so be it.
    play the game dont play the game but for the love of god dont judge crytek on day0 its not a disappointment to me im very impressed and think that they have done a good job basically,

    • YoungZer0

      Really? It’s actually the opposite for me. I can’t hardly play it now.

  • Tac

    Maximum retarded “reviewer” … if you dont like crysis2, dont play it.
    Or are you one of those guys who are deliberately looking for [insert game, hardware, software, developer or anything] to flame?

  • Wantedbetter

    I bought the first Crysis, but I pirated Crysis 2 and I’m glad I did. The first Crysis, while being a mediocre shooter in terms of gameplay, was an amazing benchmark for my computer and showed off the limits of video game graphics. I was really hoping Crysis 2 would raise the bar even higher, but it ended up going backwards. It looks amazing, don’t get me wrong, but not as amazing as it could have and there are many parts of the original Crysis that looked better. I’m not comparing an island landscape to a city here, the original Crysis actually looked better in quite a few parts… like the lighting, which in Crysis 2 is mostly just over-saturated bloom effects.

    Thanks for Fing it up Electronic Asshats and Crytek! Here’s hoping another company grabs the mantle and puts out a game that will stress hardware like never before.

  • Someone

    Dooming begins, when game was leaked, and information about that was taped on CryMOD(first place where I learn about leak). It’s plan’d action, to discriminate a PC platform at all(hackers, leaks, piracy ect), and make more money on PC belivers(getting their support- moneytory ofcourse). But truth is so, more games will comes on console, more Hackers will works on console market.
    Anyway, if talk’t about the game, yaeh it’s not a tuff banchmark, as it was with FarCry, Crysis1/WH(only test you’r PC, and nothig more, as game- not interesting)- now it’s a tuff game, which is interesting to play!
    THX! Sorry for my english.

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  • Forcecaster

    I’m totally agreed with this article. Crysis 2 is nothing else than just a usual shooter with more health “armor mode” and the cloak mode, that’s all…

  • Lex

    You guys do realise that it is now possible to pirate on any existing console and PC version, yeah?

    Pirates =/= PC.

    • Chris Gregory

      That’ll depend on if Sony wins suing GeoHot. If Sony is allowed to sue someone for circumventing the console’s boot loaders who never agreed to any EULA and in a way completely discouraging piracy (although it is made possible as a side effect,) then Nintendo and Microsoft will instantly dig deep into their pockets and begin an internet smear campaign so vile I can only be certain Anonymous will get involved to put them down.

  • Suprnovo

    “Crytek will be stating how gritty those PC gamers are for pirating their game”

    My brother owns a PS3 and downloaded the final full PS3 game A WEEK before it was released for PC. I had to watch and wait before I was able to legally download it via Steam, where I LEGALLY bought it.

    I’m sick of lazy developers who spit the “PC = piracy” excuse in order to do crappy games. They’re glad to forget PS3/360 piracy is also present, and that it’s even worse. And for the leaked beta, it’s their own fault: either watch more closely their employers, or install a fucking decent firewall in their servers.

    • XpLoDWilD

      I’m a bit skeptical about that presumed “leak”… I remember the Half-Life 2 leak back in 2002 : It was a big surprise for everyone to see bits the sequel of the well known Half-Life 1. Also, along with the binaries leak, there were the game and the engine source code.
      Now, look at Crysis 2 leak. By the biggest randomness peak of the world, it is released JUST around CryEngine 3 Promotional videos, E3 and other games conferences, and approaching the hour of the Gold release. No source code, no little “developer thingie” (excepted maybe the repository log…), basically the leak was an volountarily unfinished release, just to boost the hype about the game release, expecting everyone says “This and this looks good, now that crappy thing will be probably fixed for the final release”. It wasn’t fixed that much.
      For me, Cry2 leak wasn’t an accidental leak, or at least it gave them a lots of benefits..

  • Rrr

    Totally agree with this article

  • haemoo

    I actually prefer less graphics options, gives me less to obsess over and tweak instead of playing the game

  • MacAndor

    What the hell are you guys blabbing about! Why is everyone attacking crytek and crysis 2? All of you are f’ing idiots!

  • Nol

    Eh, bitch and whine.

    Dozens of PC games arrived without DX11 (it’s NOT the miracle you claim it to be) and without editors. Does that make them lesser games? Not really.

  • Dakan45

    Wel said, also add the fact that the fov is consolish and sensivity is accelarated, it feels like a freaking console game, i mean, if you play mp it feels like you play with a x360 controller, so tankish.

    Also the maps are smaller and the textures and effects and physics are nowhere near as good as the first.

    Come on, dont me a douche, think about it, how freaking hard is it to do some changes in the game?

    I mean after they patched the “press start to begin” you press enter instead adn the first thing you see is “adjust yout TVs brightness settings”


    Also how you like the consolish cover system isntead of the good old lean?

    Crytek sold us out to consoles, that says alot from a company that NEVER made a console game before.

    Go ahead and blame piracy, you should only blame yourself.

  • Quazatron

    So is this the fucking power of CryEngine 3? The power of having degraded graphics, limited settings and ported versions? For God’s sake, someone wake me up!! Am I having a nightmare or are Crytek’s team all drunk?

    Who will ever use this engine in their games? Who will ever believe Crytek in the next PC games? Who’s gonna be blind enough to buy another game from this company without concrete proof about its features?

    Crytek should be ashamed of their promises to PC GAMERS. Should be ashamed of the steps backward they gave with this game compared to Crysis 1. Should be ashamed to LIE to PC GAMERS!! Crysis 2 is indeed a MAXIMUM DISAPPOINTMENT! A MAXIMUM INSULT!

  • Radford88

    just gotta say, editing ini files IS easier. how can people use PCs and not be comfortable with simple text editing? Jesus, using a GUI doesn’t make you a ‘hardcore technical guy’.

  • fascio

    God, the world is full of crybabies. Everybody loves to complain. Do something instead of complaining. pathetic.

  • Dan

    You PC gamers need to stop acting like these developers owe you something . If they choose to make a console game and not a PC,so be it, stop crying and move on. Not everyone wants to pay thousands of dollars to sit at a computer moniter by themselves to play a game. Get over yourselves, after all its just a game……

  • JessSayin

    ..and just try and get their patches to even find the game directory! No skipping the cut scenes is the reason I’m done with Crytek.

  • Dora Wong

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  • Dora Wong

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  • DieConsoles

    Crysis 2 is the biggest pile of consolified garbage ever to be crapped out.   I hope Crytek goes broke for trying to force console vomit on PC gamers.