Destiny is also coming to PC – teaser screenshot released

By on February 21, 2011

According to Destiny’s Twitter page, this new game from Bungie is going to be an MMOFPS, which basically confirms the rumors we’ve been hearing these last days. What you didn’t know however is that Destiny is also coming to PC. As you could expect, the only console version that is confirmed so far is X360’s. PS3 fans should not be upset yet, as Bungie will consider porting it to PS3. There is little we do know about the actual game, except that it will be a sci-fi and that Bungie plans to release it in early 2012. Screenshot after the jump.

We’ve got still a long way but feel free to comment about it. Here is also a teaser from Bungie. We can notice a lot of similarities with Halo’s masterchief suit and given the fact that Halo: Breach had some space combat levels, will Destiny be a MMOFPS in which you will also be able to fly and fight into space? Infinity anyone? Damn that would be lovely. Stay tuned for more! 

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