Disabled gamer earns the respect of the entire gaming industry

By on February 9, 2011

My fellow gamers… you take for granted that you will be using the mouse with your one hand, while with the other you will be using the keyboard. I mean, who wouldn’t? Not Gareth. Who is Gareth? Gareth is a disabled man. What you may don’t know, is that Gareth has a common hobby with you. He loves games. Due to his disability however, Gareth needs to remap the keys of most games so that he can be able to play them.

Imagine now Gareth and how happy he was when Visceral Games decided to release Dead Space 2 for the PC. Gareth bought it immediately and to his surprise, there wasn’t any way to remap the keys. As a result, he couldn’t play the game. An online petition was created with a simple demand. Key remapping support in an upcoming patch. It only took a couple of days for 24K people to sign the petition and at the same time, it was forwarded to Visceral Games. Visceral’s answer was immediate. There will be a patch.

Gareth has our HUGE respect. You can admire him playing Fallout 3 in the following video. Words simply cannot describe our feelings. Respect mate. Simply… R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

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