Dragon Age 2 Incoming PC Patch

By on March 11, 2011

If you’ve been playing Dragon Age 2, you will surely have experienced low performance under the DX11 API. Actually, the performance is exactly the same with the demo version of the game. BioWare stated when the demo was released that DX11 renderer had issues that were fixed in the final version. Fast forward a couple of days and we can see that nothing has changed. Moreover, according to Mike Laidlaw’s latest interview to Eurogamer, there is already a patch in the works.

“There’s been a few minor [bugs] and a few technical hiccups on PC. The two biggies that I’m aware of – that we’re looking at aggressively right now – are on PC there seems to be some compatibility issues with DirectX 11,” said Laidlaw. “What I would say there is if you fire up the game and and it’s running particularly slow or stuttery, move the renderer in visual options down to DirectX 9 for now. We’re working with NVIDIA/AMD to make sure patches are coming out, because some if it is actually in the driver compatibility. We’ll make sure that’s rectified and resolved.”

Dragon Age 2 runs quite well with most of AMD’s cards. On the other hand, it performs terribly with Nvidia’s hardware. Even in DX10 mode via the DX11 renderer, performance is not as good as we’d hope to. We really hope that this upcoming patch and a new set of drivers from both teams will make the game playable. It’s still though unacceptable that the DX11 renderer is not yet fixed, despite BioWare’s previous promises.

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  • Ranadicus

    Any word on the “This application is unable to run on guest accounts or Windows accounts without sufficient privileges. Please log in using another Windows account.” error on launching the game when you are logged on as an administrator?

  • john2

    No word as of yet. Try changing the folder name of Dragon Age 2 from ” C:\Program Files\Dragon Age 2\ ”
    to ” C:\Program Files\Dragon\

    • Ranadicus

      Yeah, tried that. Tried using the hidden Admin account, tried changing permisions, tried a bunch of stuff for 2 days before I finally gave in and started using the theta no-cd crack to play. I backed up the original .exe so when they finally fix the error I’ll be able to install the patch and run the game properly but for now I wanted to actually play the game I spent $60 on.

  • http://www.facebook.com/SavannahfromCagedInsider Savannah Labate

    Thanks for the info!