Dragon Age 2 Launch Trailer

By on March 9, 2011

BioWare has released the launch trailer of its latest RPG, Dragon Age 2. As you will immediately notice from this trailer, the game is more action packed. Now this is not a bad thing for an RPG, if both role playing and action sequences are carefully balanced. Sadly, this is not the case with Dragon Age 2. To make things worse, there are a lot of technical issues with this game. Trailer after the jump!

A lot of PC gamers have reported low performance at high settings, even with powerful PC’s that can easily handle games like Crysis, GTA4 or Supreme Commander. Dragon Age 2 is not a CPU bound game as we’ve demonstrated in our previous feature and while BioWare stated that the DX11 renderer is fixed in the final version, its performance is similar to the one of the demo version. Nvidia and ATI will release some new drivers in the coming weeks but still, we can’t see anything graphically that justifies the low performance issues. And make sure to download the high-res texture pack, otherwise you’ll suffer from a lot of low-res textures.

Enjoy the launch trailer!

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