Dragon Age 2 got leaked for X360 and PS3

By on March 4, 2011

Each and every time you hear that a game got leaked, which is the first platform that comes to your mind? That’s right, the PC. Both developers and publishers have managed to brainwash you, because let’s face it. PC games are not leaked as much as those of X360. Prime examples of this are both Halo: Reach and Gears Of War 2. And now it’s time for BioWare’s much anticipated RPG, Dragon Age 2.

To make things worse for BioWare, the PS3 version was also leaked few days after X360’s leak. The PC version on the other hand hasn’t been leaked yet. Now don’t get us wrong. Piracy was, is and will be present in the PC platform. But have you ever wondered why The Witcher and Sins Of Solar Empire are so successful, despite being pirated? Just think about it for a second before you start criticizing and dooming the PC platform!

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