Dragon Age II Demo Revealed

By on February 3, 2011

Now here is something we didn’t expect at all. After the DRM details that BioWare revealed yesterday, we have more and exciting news for our PC fans. According to a GameStop memo, early access to the Dragon Age II PC demo is available only to GameStop employees. However, BioWare revealed that the Dragon Age 2 demo will be made available to all consumers for all platforms on February 22, 2011. This comes as a shock, given the fact that most developers and publishers skip the PC platform and don’t release a PC demo. Is this a reaction from the previous, Crysis 2 mayhem? Is EA trying to win back the PC customers? Or is BioWare trying to take a glimpse of PC gamers reactions due to the different gameplay direction? All in all, we are positive for one and only thing. You will be able to test your machine and see for yourself if the game suits you and if it runs ideally on your PC.

On the other hand, BioWare tried to cover up this story. According to Dragon Age II lead writer, David Gaider, the demo is not confirmed. “This is speculation,” he added, “and no matter what it’s based on it shouldn’t be so misleading.” and continued. “Regardless of what you think we should or shouldn’t be doing (it’s not my place to give info) please keep the fact that this is still all speculation in mind and that you’re self-referencing here.”. But then again, BioWare finally revealed it, regardless of the comments of David!

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