Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta Preview with HD Gameplay Videos

By on July 2, 2010

War. War never changes. Especially when different game companies make the same game over and over. EA’s known for taking other people’s games and making better versions of them but we don’t see that happening with the new Medal of Honor game.

They are obviously trying to take on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare but so far, it falls flat. The graphics don’t look nearly as good and the controls are not as tight. There also were some very noticeable glitches that we can expect to be ironed out. Our favorite was the pure white gun. It looked like some grabbed a can of white gloss paint and went all Gomer Pyle all over the gun. Neat stuff.

The beta comes with two maps: Helmand Valley, a wide open outdoor map with a Bad Company 2 like Conquest mode to it and Kabul: a smaller deathmatch focused map that takes place in a bombed out version of the Afghan city. The maps were well populated with details and felt good in terms of multiplayer. Good enough that I wanted to see other maps they had in store. Once again, the graphics aren’t nice as the other guy on the block but you know, beta dude.

At the offset you get the option of three loadouts with more opportunity to unlock perks, weapons and pets. Just kidding on that last one, EA didn’t take any of our suggestions. You can of course level up the classes and customize them to your liking. That is pretty much required these days for a game to have any sort of long lasting appeal to the masses.

The game itself felt pretty standard. The Medal of Honor series was well known for the historical context of its games. This modern version of warfare doesn’t have the same punch as the previous games. Granted, they have run out of wars from the past so they are working on the current one but if EA wants to make a real splash in the FPS pond, they are going to have to try harder to rock the Call of Duty boat. This game feels like a budget take on it. So far. This is still beta of course. They still have some time to tighten it up so we’ll see. Let’s hope they can add that EA polish they are known for.

Want to see the game in action? Check out our game play videos from the beta below.

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