Das Impressions of Medal of Honor at E3 2010

By on June 16, 2010

The next game to try and take Call of Duty off the FPS throne is the new game in the Medal of Honor series.  Coming into the fight armed with new mechanics, gameplay tweaks, and the modern era, Medal of Honor shows off the goods with at E3.

The demo was only multiplayer but that is fine as that is the bread and butter of any FPS game that wants to survive longer then a few days. The level they had to offer was close quarters in a Afgan village with interiors and exteriors that people could weave in and out of. MOH plays like a splice of Call of Duty and Battlefield as they have a neat perk / killstreak system but they also awarded points for different types of skill shots (headshots/longshots).  They have the same Aim Down Sights gun play with a little destruction thrown in.  That combined with gun customization makes Medal of Honor poised to take out Call of Duty as the best modern shooter.

Check out these beautiful full res screenshots below!

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