One More Chance at a Free Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta Key!

By on June 21, 2010

The winners have been notified and they are probably off shooting someone right now! But don’t worry if you didn’t win! We found another beta key! Seems someone sat on it and it stuck to their rear end all weekend. Luckily we got a hold of it and now we’re going to give it to you!

What do you have to do? That’s easy! Post a comment below telling us what crazy thing you do for this key! Make it Work Safe please! We don’t need any more marks on our performance report!

Post before June 22, 5:00 PM PST and you’ll be in the running for this super special 16 digit alphanumeric code! The beta runs from June 21 – July 18. That’s nearly a full month of shooting!

Also make sure to sign up for the Das Reviews newsletter to the left <—— so you can stay on-top of all the contest action!

PS. This key is only valid for PS3 and PC. Sorry X-boys, maybe next time!

PPS. If you don’t use a valid email address, then we won’t be able to contact you if you win!

UPDATE: Contest closed, key going out!

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I am a critical guy, and love to review and give my professional opinion on just about anything. Though have a love for tech/gaming and music alongside the cinema. You can catch me consulting and developing the net any day of the week.
  • Gibonez

    Can i haz a beta key.

  • Bisu

    Please! I want a beta key to test the game!

  • Bisu

    I’d kidnap myself to have a good excuse to play non-stop without having anyone bothering me =)

  • jriquelme

    OMG… run naked in the street

  • CoJoX

    I’ll eat a swordfish eye with octopusy juice XDDD

  • Hawke

    I’d tell you a really good joke:

    What do gay horses eat?


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  • Bob

    id jump off the empire states building while wrestling a snake that had recently swallowed an aligator, which id then realist that the aligator was still alive and had burst out of the snake, forcing me to fight a live aligator in the air. all this while there is a massive transformers 2 style fight below me and a disproportionate trex with a abnormally large head falling at me at an alarming rate from above, while evading a f16 flying right at me, all in the space of a couple of seconds: all for one key!
    please can i get one! :)

  • Yami

    Damn, I would have done anything and everything, I would have gone to the roof of a building and jump. Yes I would jump, not off the building but more like up and down. I would of killed someone, which would be nothing compared to the thousands I have killed. That’s adding up all the death matches team death matches, all that. And give sell a kidney, or give it for a code? Psh, I would give an arm and a leg, maybe even a kidney too. Why not 2 arms? because then how would I play, but then again they wont be mine, so who cares. Yeah, I would have done anything and everything, but in the end, I didn’t win, so i would give the winner and handshake, and go home with the code ;)

  • spiker212

    I would trade my manhood and become the creepiest woman on the earth. Then go drink water in the sewers and eat 100 different things I find in there.

  • Warrior

    I would be a TIER 1 operator xD

  • higsta

    i would go for a night on the town with rolf harris while wearing a gimp suit & singing kangaroo jack.

  • giova

    i would say thank you very much


    I would come to every single day of my life, I would click on every single ad here so you guys made the most money. I would buy all my games from I would jump off a building. I would basically do anything for this beta key. I would love to have this beta on my PS3, considering there are only 10 responses so far I would love you guys if you gave me a beta key. Please… :D

  • JB71592

    The most craziest thing I would do is, jump through the computer screen, go in to Battlefield: Bad Company , and destroy buildings!

  • Niko

    Diego Maradona has vowed to strip naked if he guides Argentina to World Cup glory in South Africa, so i would travel to Argentina and join him.

  • xPAiiN

    ☺i would cry… );

  • Snipez

    I would run around the whole city I’m in with only my underwear on. After running around the city, I would climb the tallest building downtown and jump off it with a parachute. I would then do crazy stunts in the air while landing in a hockey arena.

  • Chuck Norris

    Will eat a banana muffin even if im allergic to bananas.

    Yes, ill do this for a beta key.

  • mR mAN

    Give it to me(if you know what I mean)

  • megatron

    me wants me wants..can i haz it please

  • Ruk

    I’ll go out, pre-order Medal Of Honor, and give you guys the spare beta key.

    I’m such a good person!

  • Dante


  • gon-freaks

    this is spartaaaaaaa!!!


    I would totally tar and feather myself and then get run over by a truck ….and hopefully survive so I can play the beta but if I don’t at least I died for a good cause :D MOH FTW!!!!!!

  • SpawntheDark

    i would steal a friends ps3 that already has the beta! but of course i would give it back….when the beta has ended >=P

  • TheSithFreak

    i would love to have a key to this, i’ve always been a fan of medal of honor

  • N.V.

    Just for a Medal of Honor beta key, I would throw out all of my FPS games just to play in the beta.

  • sepi

    i’ll jump from Eiffel Tower
    you ask why Eiffel Tower, my answer is because at least i have a great view before i die :)

  • J

    i would let you have your way with me

  • Vora

    I would trade in my PS3 for a beta key. Then realize moments later that I actually need the console to play the beta and feel so stupid; but still happy that I got a beta key! =)

  • steve

    i walk on a thousand pieces of glass just to get a hold of the beta key

  • supaMcnugget

    I would have sex with the hobo down the street. Naw, just kidding that would be disgusting. I would buy a Justin Beiber song. O_O

  • Rob B.

    I’d walk through the sewers of New York City..
    ..Without ANY SHOES!

    An then I’d drive 75 mph..
    ..On a 50 mph zone, in front of the Police Department!

    (Yeah, I’m a dare devil for that key, haha)

  • dark_lord

    i will sell my modern warfare copy to only play Medal of honor beta,im a huge fan of medal of honor. please i need this beta, thanx.

  • Mike

    1. Buy a TV
    2. Go to IW and Dice job
    3. Buy MW2 and BFBC2
    4. Download Medal of Honor Beta
    5. LOL in the face of Devs and show them how a FPS is made.

    Oh, and uploaded it to youtube and thank ‘daseviews’ for giving me the code for medal of honor BETA..For making such accomplishment.

  • jim lahey

    I would try and lactate a rat then use it’s delicious secretions to make quite a delectable milk shake.

  • Paolo

    I would remember this as the day I left the Call Of Duty hype and started playing decent games, best day of my life.

  • Aaron

    I would go undercover and befriend a young Patrick Swayze, giving me enough street cred to track down a notorious bank robber and his posse. After finding out it was really Swayze all along, I would chase him down with all my power, only to let him go in the end. A wave like that only comes around once in a lifetime.

  • Chris Spisak

    I would run into a burning orphanage and save every last orphan.

  • InfamousHero

    I wont do anything other than post this comment and tell you how trill i am. If you don’t give me that code its blasphemy i am the epitome of PS3 gaming. #POW

  • Alex

    I’d sell off all my sister’s bags + shoes, and then auction them off right in front of her. (And probably become severely injured afterward, but I’m willing to take that risk.)

  • GutZ

    I’ll put a light bulb in my eye socket.

  • littlewicky2

    I will challenge Chuck Norris to an arm wrestle and win>

  • Matt Newman

    I would trade in my xbox 360 for a ps3 MOH beta code!!! my xbox is seriously just a dust collector at the moment!!!

  • kidd2446

    i would eat s*^t and die!!

  • loslonelyman

    Well I will videotape myself chewing on all parts of my MW2 collector edition in the dark with my night vision goggles on. Then for my finale I will post it on you tube revealing your website written across my chest wearing camouflage boxers.

  • Frodo

    I would find the One Ring to Rule Them All, and give it to Lord Sauron. Yeah, screw Middle Earth, I want that beta key!

  • Vlad

    I would put George W. Bush back as president, that is insane

  • Prince Gill

    i would go all the way to EA headquarters from Canada and demand a beta key!

  • Soda

    I would give my beta key

  • Szuter

    Spend the whole month guessing the right combination for a beta key.

  • Evil Dog

    I would have sex without condoms with britney spears

  • M_sevi

    I don´t go to mi work for ther rest of the week, and spend all the time playing MoH XD

  • Laurent

    I would post in english!

  • Sam

    I would sell my first born child to the military just so more games like this could be made…… i neeeeddd that keyy !!

  • Facote

    I would not use the cd key and re-post twenty times because I love blogging.

  • Chris

    I would rub lady gagas sack.

  • saar

    I want a beta key!! please

  • Krapowsean

    I would grow a tier one beard and then kill people with it for the key.

  • James

    I would go on a rampage and tear up many cities to get this beta key, even would bow down and accept G.W. Bush as my hero ;).

  • c0nflikt

    I would elbow drop my whole collection of games!!

  • Luke

    I would inseminate a cow …. naturally

  • mike

    i would “69” with lady gaga. yes i’d suck a dick for that key :o

  • L Haart

    I would join the N. Korean Soccer team in a match against Portugal.

  • Nick

    I would give Steve Jobs the balls to add flash support to his products.

  • jorge

    I would burn all my COD shitsty collection for that key…. and go out without clothes ohhh yeah and i will sell the car of my grandpa to buy this beta key… in others words im totally crazy 0_o

  • JUNE 22nd is my BIRTHDAY!!!! Please I would love to play this all day on my BDAY!! I’ll give you my girlfriend so she won’t interrupt me while i’m playing!!

  • Cam

    I would wear a speedo filled with icy hot in downtown New York for an hour. Only a speedo nothing else.

  • Niko

    Again! Diego Maradona has vowed to strip naked if he guides Argentina to World Cup glory in South Africa, so i would travel to Argentina and join him and tell everyone that is watching us to go and sign up for the Das Reviews newsletter!:D

  • Mono

    i would invent a time machine go back in time choose the right numbers to win the lottery then buy the beta key from you

  • PradiG

    I would grab a gun. Go to a beta key holders house, shoot him to death and teabag him until my balls hits him in the face and then Smile while im doing it if i didn’t get a beta key..

  • Gordon

    if i win .. i wil sell my self to david hasselhoff and become his personal sex slave …. (x x)

  • Rafedwin

    I would literally jump on battlefield right now and do some modern warfare first hand!!!!!!!!

  • nylonsquid

    I’d give my PS3 away!

  • rhumbus!

    I would go to the length of baking a yummy cake!

  • reson

    I Like Turtles.

  • Yeti

    I would yell “Medal of Honor” on my condo balcony at 3am.

  • Bruce

    Please i need Medal of Honor Beta Key!! >.> Please!

  • Bruce


    lllllllllllll l
    l l l
    l l l
    lllllllllllll l
    l l
    l l
    l l
    l l
    l l

  • Cracker

    I’d run out to the field during a game of the world cup

  • Unknownentity36

    I would buy call of duty modern warfare 2 resurgence map pack on the ps3 (GASP)

  • M4xBD

    ill run naked for all around the city

  • MarkRab

    I would challenge Kevin Butler by becoming, “VP of Testing the S@#! Out Of Betas”

  • Beynolds

    I’d stop the Gulf oil spill for this key.

  • 3booOd

    I would buy an X360 >.>

  • jack

    I would pee on myself and grow a tier one beard and run naked yell saying “wow medal of honor beta :* ” Please i need Medal of Honor Beta Key!! >.> Please!

  • Pedros

    I would finally finish simething I st

  • Seth C.

    i would make a joke for you!

  • Vincent

    I’ll stay up ’til 3 a.m. to get a trophy that isn’t real… but it is.

  • utkan13

    I would go save a princess knowing that the first castle is going to be a fake one and I will have someone inform me that the princess is on the other castle… But I won’t give up because I will try anything to get in her pants (Barney Stinson Style) After I save her and get into her pants I will never ever call her back again. I’ll be doing this all Naked, It’s called the naked man trick, works 2/3 times…

  • hot boy

    for beta moh I did not eat for 3 days xD

  • golem

    i will wear bra and panties and run around shouting “OUR UAV IS ONLINE”………

  • Delnar_Ersike

    For the MoH Beta, I’d swear nonstop over my mic during team games… oh wait, that wouldn’t be anything special, would it… >.<

  • berszan pal

    i’m not late, am i?

  • Shadow

    I’d run a nation-wide ‘Homophobic’ parade. :D

  • syn

    i would host a viagra and sweat pants party in celebration if i won

  • playit

    tomorrow is my birthday and i would play all the time

  • Austin C.

    I would force a RedRing on my Xbox and buy the Slim!

  • Jake B.

    I would do absolutely do nothing. That is the craziest thing anyone would do for this beta.

  • Jimi

    I would do lady gaga..

  • ILoveMedalofHonoR

    i would really like a chance at playing the beta i have waited for this game for months just watching the screenshots and videos please i would like one more chance at this game

  • Sonja

    hey i would like a beta key

  • Stefan

    please could i get one i would really appreciate it if i do get one then thank u if i dont the oh well i hope whoever got it has fun with it

  • ILoveMedalofHonoR

    i would take one of my favorite games smash it in half and go home like my rabbits butt then go and cry for one hour for this game

  • sonja

    i would run for 26 miles non stop to get this game now i know i would be tired but this game is worth it

  • stefan

    i would sell my whole house and everything in it except for my tv and my ps3 then use the money to bribe someone to give me their code to play this game

  • Tajus

    Buy Call of Duty:Modern Warfare 2

  • Mike

    So who won?

    • Jordan Montreuil

      Still got a couple hours!

  • Bat

    I will shoot up to my PC is broken.

  • Huh?

    Blow up my house with everything in it, except my PS3 a TV the controlers and the cords (also a charger and an electrical outlet

  • jimmy

    please i would love one i would eat or even do anything anyone asks me too do to get this key please if i get it i would be the happiest person in all of vancouver

  • jimmy

    i would eat or even do anything anyone asks me too do to get this key please if i get it i would be the happiest person in all of vancouver