PC version of Bulletstorm also got leaked!

By on February 20, 2011

Jesus Christ. What’s going on these last days in EA? Crysis 2 beta, Dragon Age 2 Demo and now Bulletstorm for PC got leaked. Now before start screaming that you knew it, this is not the beta version that was rumored. Ladies and gentlemen, the final version of the PC version got leaked. You read it right, the final version or if you like, the retail. Let us also remind you that both the PS3 and X360 were leaked few days ago, before this PC leak.

Of course we won’t discuss about it, but damn EA. You really need to check your security. ASAP. You can’t keep blaming the PC community for your mistakes. It will back-fire on you and trust us, you don’t want to. Bulletstorm will be released tomorrow in US and this Friday in Europe. Console gamers had a taste of it with its pre-launch demo. According to People Can Fly, there will be a PC demo after the game’s launch. At least it’s something PC gamers… right? Oh well. Stay tuned for a performance analysis the coming days!

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