Pockie Ninja ‘Chapter II: Revenge of Aizen’ Details Revealed

By on May 11, 2011

NGames released today new details and the release date for Pockie Ninja’s first major update. This update will be called Chapter II: Revenge of Aizen, will add a lot of new gameplay features and improvements to the browser-based brawler and will be made available on May 13th. As you may have guessed from its title, this update includes the bad guy from the well known anime Bleach, Aizen-sama, alongside with Las Noches. You can view a new trailer for the game after the jump!

Las Noches – one of Pockie Ninja’s key gameplay features – is a huge tower consisting of more than 150 floors of challenges, where players face increasingly difficult battles as they ascend the building. With each floor presenting a harder challenge than the last, only the best trained ninjas can reach the top.

Chapter II’s titular character, Aizen (of Bleach fame), has been hiding in Las Noches for a long time now. Many Ninja’s have successfully defeated Gin Ichimaru and reached the building’s 150th floor, but they still haven’t found a trace of the hidden Aizen. But now, rumour has it that Aizen has opened the path to the remaining 10 levels of Las Noches, forcing ninjas to meet new challenges, as well as some familiar faces along the way…

To conquer the new levels, Chapter II is introducing a range of new, secret skills for players to unleash. Ninja’s hoping to the reach the top of Las Noches will need to master all of their skills to succeed, creating characters more powerful and destructive than ever before.

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