Rumor: Possible hint of HL3 or HL2: Episode Three

By on April 15, 2011

Now here some exciting new rumors that surfaced this morning. According to Lo-Ping, Valve is possibly hinting to Half-Life 2: Episode Three or even Half-Life 3. This is mere speculation but let’s not forget that Valve included with the first Portal a similar, small hint for its sequel. You can read the full story after the jump!

Through carefully placed hints and tips, as well as some clever marketing and masking on their part, Valve teases that Episode 3 or possibly Half Life 3 may be upcoming.  Through some clever sleuthing, denizens of the internet have drawn a link between the hazy “hacked” Portal 2 information and drawn a handful of conclusions.


Via internet sleuthing with Valve’s latest ARG, we present the following.

Exhibit A: The mysterious outline

Through the use of some creative masking, these internet sleuths managed to create an image from this assortment of data.  The result is seen below.

Exhibit B: The Borealis

Alright, so they manage to make an image out of it.  Big whoop, it’s still a bit of a stretch.

That is until…


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