Shift 2: Unleashed PC Patch #1 Released

By on April 28, 2011

EA released today the first PC patch for Shift 2: Unleashed. This patch addresses the input lag that was present on steering wheels, the black screen that some players encountered at the start of offline events and some various Online issues. Unfortunately though, this patch does not include the multi-GPU/antialiasing fixes that we were waiting for. Here is hoping that the second patch will arrive anytime soon. Feature list and download link after the jump!

PC Patch #1:

This is the first PC Patch for SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED. Here are the bug fixes:

  • Common – Online – Catch Up Events – All users are prompted with the same message at the start of a catchup pack/catchup duel event
  • Cars – Car wheels intersect or float in the air when the player uses wheels wirh a different diameter to the AI
  • Online – Catch Up Modes – Once in-game there is no onscreen objective based message for either the fast car or the slower car/pack.
  • VIP Rewards – SHIFT1 PC does not write the entitlement that SHIFT2 looks for correctly
  • Online Modes – The host’s car is not visible to at least one of the clients in an online lobby
  • Online – Players cars are occasionally crashing during rolling starts before the player takes control
  • Screen Transistion – Autolog – Player can momentarily get stuck within autolog when launching an event via the speedwall
  • Front end – Loading screen – Speedwall – First lap of event sometimes not being recorded by total time resulting in unobtainable World and Regional times
  • Cars/tracks – Visually the steering wheel when racing in cockpit views appears overly sensitive at the beginning of the turning circle
  • Online – lobby timer – Lobby timer is not appearing to reset back to 1:45 for the client players after a host migration takes place. The new host does see the timer reset.
  • Autolog – Speedwall – Erroneous speedwall times – Times can be set within and event which are unrealistic and unfeasible to acquire.
  • Tracks – Drift – The last corner on Miami Park Drift track now gives more drift points
  • Career – Drift – AI opponent scores are very hard to beat on Miami Park Drift in the last event in Drift Championship
  • Camera initialization bug – Certain player views do not initialize correctly at race start
  • Physics & Handling – Input lag/delay present on steering wheels
  • Cars – McLaren MP4-12C – The Modern A Invitational event cannot be completed with Full Damage settings due to engine blowout
  • Online – If a client joins a lobby at the 00:10 mark, he will be stuck in a technical hang in the lobby and the other players will be stuck in a loading screen technical hang
  • Cars – Team Need for Speed Mazda RX-8 – The game can remain in a tech hang in the loading screen of events\races when the Team NFS Mazda RX-8 car is used.
  • Common – Online – Catch Up Modes – Once in-game there is no onscreen objective based message for either the fast car or the slower car/pack.
  • VIP – NFS Undercover VIP not awarded when playing shift 2
  • Retail Only – Players stuck on a black screen at the start of offline events
  • Photo Mode – Tech hang seen when taking photos in certain resolutions
  • VIP – Hot Pursuit LE writes a different entitlement to SE, thus will not be picked up by Shift 2 VIP

You can download this patch from the game’s official site.

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