Ubisoft puts a stop to Rainbow Six 3: RavenShield 2.0 Mod

By on February 9, 2011

Ubisoft seem to be doing everything they can to piss off PC gamers. First, the delay of their PC version games. Then, the online-only DRM (thank God there is now an ‘offline’ mode) and now the company put a stop to a much anticipated mod. RavenShield 2.0 was supposed to be an overhaul for Rainbow Six 3, that would push its engine to the limits. It would feature completely Redone Character Textures, redefined Weaponry Visuals, and Effects, additional and Unique Weapon Ironsights, fundamentally Important Realism Factors, entirely Redone Menu Systems, GUI & HUD, updated AI, for truly tense counter-terror, terrorist Behavior Redefined and Balanced and immersive Goggles and new damage display.

Now seriously, our dearest Ubisoft, this mod would be a free advertisement for your entire franchise. The modders are not making money off it and they are not taking any donations. These are some diehard dudes that love your game and want to enhance it. This is pure love from your fan base. And instead of encouraging, you spit on them? Well done. No really… well done. Just don’t blame PC gamers if and when they start boycotting your games due to your attitude. It was your fault for not respecting them in the first place!

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  • Phos

    May I have your attention, please.

    Ubisoft sucks as much dick as Activision.

    That is all.

  • Andrew

    Wow. Good job Ubi. Do you really think that this is going to help fix your image with PC gamers? And then you wonder why people pirate, or simply don’t purchase your games? It’s because of your garbage attitude. These guys just wanted to enhance the game, make it better, this could’ve actually helped you.

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    Agreed. Ubisoft needs to go fuck themselves.

  • Wrxloaf

    Ravenshield was the last game I really felt an adrenaline rush playing – to shut down a rebirth of it, what a bunch of fuck heads.