Underhell is one of the most promising Total Conversions for HL2

By on March 3, 2011

Underhell is an innovative and remarkable mod for HL2, that has some incredible ideas. It’s pretty sad that those ideas can’t be found in most of the commercial games. However, that’s a sign of the modding and indie community. To bring to the table fresh and original ideas. Underhell is a Total Conversion in episodic morph and is split in 3 different “zones”. Video trailer after the jump!

The first is The House and each new chapter will have it’s own version of The House, with different puzzles, different things to discover and diary pages to find. The second, are The Dreams. With each version of The House will come a set of dreams, only accessible via the Bed in The House, during the night. Dreams will give you bits of information about the story, and might help you understand some future events better. Dreams are not mandatory, meaning you can finish the mod without playing through them. The third zone, are the Chapters, where Underhell really takes place. You can access a chapter via The House, and when you are done with the chapters you come back to The House. When everything has been done in the Chapters and in The House, you must go to sleep in order to access the next version of the house.

To take a taste of it, the Chapters zone is similar to F.E.A.R whereas the Dreams are similar to Amnesia. The whole concept sounds amazing and the team behind it have already released the game’s prologue. We seriously can’t wait to play more of Underhell. Check out the trailer above and if you’re interested, you can download it from here.

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