Digital Energy’s Darknet being embraced by Steam community

By on May 17, 2011

Good news for indie devs, Digital Energy, as the Steam community has embraced both their game and their new game service, Darknet. Darknet is a developer feedback system and according to the company has exceeded its most optimistic expectations. With Darknet, players can players submit their feedback with contextual data for Dark Energy to analyse.

Pete Jones, Director, Dark Energy Digital said:

“We were expecting a slow burn with Darknet, so when we switched on InfiniteWorlds the day after launch and the whole game map lit up like a Christmas tree, we were really surprised. People really seem to be embracing the connected development philosophy behind Darknet.”

“It’s a mind blowing experience to play back through the game you created and see what the community thinks about the different elements. You see clusters of positive responses around cool moments and you can analyse the map area by area to see which are most popular. But the main idea of course is to actively improve the game, and this is already happening. Thanks to Steam Cloud we’ve already delivered several micro updates to address frustrations flagged up by Darknet, such as adding extra checkpoints to alleviate concentrations of frustration data points.”

In other news, although Nvidia hasn’t included any SLI profile for Hydrophobia Prophecy, SLI owners can enable SLI via Nvidia Inspector. All they have to do is to create a new profile for this game with the following SLI compatibility bit: “0x02004005″

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    steam is crap and useless bought a game and these idiots wouldn’t accept the game code so wouldn’t buy ANY game of theres ever again