Pockie Ninja Hitting Open Beta

By on March 24, 2011

NGames have announced via a press release that Pockie Ninja, their latest MMO brawler inspired by Naruto and Bleach, is entering an Open Beta phase on March 25th. Gamers and anime fans alike are encouraged to join the frantic fun, which will include a number of in-game events and rewards. Full press release after the jump.

Featuring tons of well known characters and a storyline inspired by fan favourite anime, Pockie Ninja focuses on the unique life and journey of a ninja, entrusted with defeating the world’s most evil and destructive warrior corporations. Players should prepare for pulsating action, gorgeous animations, a unique, none-rigid approach to character progression, near endless ways to approach the games battles, and unprecedented production values in a browser-based MMO.

Publisher NGames have revealed a number of exciting in-game events for the open beta phase, including plenty of opportunities to win in-game prizes.
Players can win special items and gifts for everything from reaching certain levels of character progression, to simply logging in and enjoying the Naruto & Bleach inspired adventures.

There are currently 5 open beta events + giveaways announced, with prizes available to all players as soon as the open beta begins.

NGames will be handing out rewards for completing a variety of simple challenges, such as logging in daily; spending time online; levelling your character; as well as the chance to win extra special rewards for taking on the Las Noches Extreme Challenge, where you must defeat waves of increasingly difficult enemies over 100 floors of ascending madness.

Furthermore, players willing to offer fellow ninjas a helping hand; critically review Pockie Ninja; or simply journal their adventures across the Angel and Demon cities; can do so via the official forums and potentially earn extra rewards for their efforts. Simply make a post in the Experience Discussion section of the forums using the “【Strategy】” tag before your article title (for example, “【Strategy】Novice Levelling Guide”) to make your post eligible for the prize draw.

Here’s an example of how just 30 minutes of play can unlock a ton of gift coupons and rewards to spend in Pockie Ninja’s in-game store, giving you loads of ways to improve your character:
Login – Win special items
Stay online for 10 minutes – Receive the “10 minute gift pack”, containing 20 gift coupons.
Make a helpful forum post – Use the 【Strategy】tag to enter into the prize draw
Stay online for 30 minutes – Receive the “30 minute gift pack”, containing another 25 gift coupons.

Be sure to check out the official Pockie Ninja website for more information, along with instructions on how to create an open beta account – http://ninja.game321.com/

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