Test Drive Unlimited 2 PC Patch released

By on February 17, 2011

Eden Games has just released the first PC patch for their latest racing/social game, Test Drive Unlimited 2. This patch will update your game version to 0.82 and addresses several connection problems, the weather that was not functional in offline mode and clothing options no longer disappear in dressing-rooms. Moreover, it enables both Clubs and MyTDULife, it gives you the ability to access Co-op multiplayer races via the map and the “Lancia with purple wheels” bug has been fixed.

The patch will be downloaded automatically when you open your Test Drive Unlimited 2 Launcher. Some users are complaining about the friend list not working with this latest patch, so be warned. The point is that if you want to play the game, you are forced to update it. Here is hoping that Eden Games won’t break more things than the ones they are currently fixing!

Release Notes:

  • Clubs are ready to be enabled and should be turned on soon
  • MyTDULife is ready to be enabled and should be turned on soon
  • Several connection problems have be corrected
  • Co-op multiplayer races are ready to be enabled and should be turned on soon
  • Weather when offline is now operational
  • “Lancia with purple wheels” has been fixed, and is corrected for players who are currently affected by the issue
  • Clothing options no longer disappear in dressing-rooms

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